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Large Portable Felt Jigsaw Puzzles Mat Roll Toys Saver Environmental Friendly for Baby Travel Play with Drawstring Storage Bag


360felt puzzle mat is produced by felt fabric, It offers excellent protection to your puzzles and holds them still until next time you continue with your game.
As it is universally known, the harder a riddle is, the more time and patience will be in need to crack it.
Therefore, it is our hope to help you simplify the game and ensure you more fun with this product!
Boting puzzle mat is an indispensable equipment for puzzle lovers.



Easy To Use
Just spread and flatten the felt mat on a smooth and level surface, then you can start your puzzle game. If you want to pause and save the the unfinished game for the next time, place the inflated tube at either end of the mat, roll up the mat by applying even pressure, and then fasten both ends with the elastic bands.

Large Capacity
Measuring 46 × 26in and holding up to 1,500 pieces, Lavievert non-slip felt mat ensures every jigsaw puzzle stay put without no creases.

Helpful Accessories
An inflatable tube is enclosed to ensure your unfinished game is well reserved for the next time.
To further protect your puzzles from falling apart, two elastic band are enclosed to tighten both ends of the rolled-up mat.
How to inflate the tube: Squeeze to open the slit on the inside of the valve and blow air in to inflate the tube.

Unique Anti-leaking Design
Our tube is specially designed with an anti-leaking slit which allows it to last longer than other tubes in the market when inflated. Please squeeze the valve with your fingers to open the slit and blow in air to inflate the tube.

felt mat x 1,
air pump x 1,
elastic bands × 2,
inflatable tube × 1,
drawstring storage bag × 1,
platter: 2 or 4 pieces in different colors

Easy Storage
A drawstring storage bag is enclosed to store your rolled-up puzzle mat,
Comes with a hanging rope for easy hanging on the wall,
Designed with a see-through window for name tag to be easily distinguished from other games.

Felt Puzzle Mat 1
Felt Puzzle Mat 2
Felt Puzzle Mat 3
Felt Puzzle Mat 4
Felt Puzzle Mat 5
Felt Puzzle Mat 6



Felt Fabric




storage and holds puzzles until continue game


Puzzle storage pad




colorful platters for puzzles, printed in cm or inch


Step 1 Spread out the mat on a table and start your game.
Step 2 Inflate the tube when you are ready to store the finished puzzles.
Step 3 Roll up the mat from the edge of the mat by applying even force.
Step 4 Tie up both ends of the roll with the enclosed elastic bands.


Please note that the felt mat can be ironed, If any crease on the felt mat is found upon arrival, please iron flat at a low temperature.
Please note that package comes with no puzzles.


Please clean it with mild soap and water or perhaps hand wash in the tub.
DO NOT dehydrate with washing machine which may affect it to keep the shape.
After cleaning is completed, try to hang it in a ventilated place and allow it to dry naturally.

B2B Mass Order:

Dear friend, this site (store.360felt.com) is just our online store,
if you want to make Business to Business custom orders,
please visit www.360felt.com (just do not include the “store.” in the link),
or reach to us directly by the right ways >>> >>> >>>

Name: Jeff Song
Email: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected]
Mobile | Skype | WhatsApp | WeChat: 0086 133 7311 0862

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A





Black, Gray


cm, inch


1500 pcs (66*117cm / 26*46 in), 2000 pcs (80*117cm / 32*46 in), 3000 pcs (100*150cm / 45*55 in)


only mat, mat + all tools (no platter), mat + all tools + 2 platers, mat + all tools + 4 platers


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